Abu Reyan Ahmed (PhD student)

I am a PhD student at the department of Computer Science, University of Arizona. I am working with Professor Stephen Kobourov. I am currently working on some information retrieval and optimization problems. I am also interested in visualization and a member of the HDC lab. I have some experience in online algorithms and graph theory too. Here are my publications:

  • Abu Reyan Ahmed, Md. Mazharul Islam and Md. Saidur Rahman, On acyclic colorings of graphs. In Proceedings of 15th International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (ICCIT 2012), pages 95-100, 2012
  • Abu Reyan Ahmed, Md. Iqbal Hossain and Md. Saidur Rahman, No-bend square-orthogonal drawings of outerplanar graphs. In Proceedings of International Mathematics Conference, pages 145-147, 2014

I was a software engineer at Reve systems, a VOIP based company. Most of the time I was involved in web development there.


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